Voting Machines

New eSlate Voting Machine

The Hart eSlate Voting Machine provides registered voters with the most accurate and secure way to cast their vote. It provides great accessibility for all voters, including those with disabilities. As a result of the “Help America Vote Act of 2002” (HAVA) the Federal government has required that each polling place be equipped with at least one voting machine that will enable a person with disabilities to vote unassisted. The Hart eSlate Voting Machine makes this possible. For a tutorial on how to use the eSlate voting Machine, click on the link below.

How to Vote: Using the eSlate™ Electronic Voting System

The video is in Windows Media format and requires the free Windows Media Player.

New eScan Voting Machine

The new eScan Voting Machine is an easy and fast way for registered voters to cast their vote. Voters simply fill out a paper ballot and feed through the eScan, which will electronically record the ballot and securely drop the ballot into a locked ballot box below. The eScan accurately records the ballot electronically but also allows offices to have a paper ballot recorded for further verification purposes.

Information regarding eSlate and eScan Voting Machines obtained from Harp Enterprises,