Transfer a Vehicle

Currently, there are two types of Kentucky Titles that have been issued to vehicles. For transfer paperwork examples please click here.


Any Kentucky resident who has delinquent motor vehicle ad valorem property tax due cannot transfer a vehicle until those taxes are paid in full.

The following documents and information are required: (All forms highlighted in blue are downloadable simply by clicking on them. Highlighted words will direct you to that specified section.)

  • Kentucky Certificate of Title (please click here for title transfer examples) Must be signed by all sellers and buyers and their signatures’ notarized. Power of Attorney document required when POA signs. Note-Titles that contain AND or do not have a designation between names of owners require both signatures of those listed. OR or AND/OR only require the signature of one.
  • Application for Kentucky Certificate/Registration (TC96-182) ONLY for small Kentucky Title Transfers.Click here for title transfer examples.
  • Buyer must have Commonwealth of Kentucky proof of insurance to complete transfer. All insurance cards must have the insurance company’s five-digit NAIC number listed on the card. The insurance card must state "Commonwealth of Kentucky Proof of Insurance" and must state if the policy is personal or commercial-some companies abbreviate with CL or PL. The effective date on the insurance card cannot be more than 45 days prior to the date of completing the transaction in our office. Insurance is not required for Title Only Transfers, but license plate must be surrendered. See Title Only Transfers for more information.
  • Social Security Number for each party appearing on the title or Federal ID Number for companies.
  • Specialty license plates must be turned in. A seller wishing to keep any special license plate needs to contact the county clerk’s office for assistance.
  • If a loan was needed for the purchase of the vehicle, Lien Portion on the back of Kentucky titles or Application for Title must be completed.
  • Termination statement f or current liens on title must be completed by the financial institution and signed, then submitted to the clerk.
  • Bullitt County Clerk’s Office accepts Cash, Personal Check, Money Order or Certified Check. The office does accept Visa, MasterCard and Debit. However, to process using a Credit/Debit Card, an additional processing fee is charged. Contact county clerk’s office for details. Credit/Debit Cards cannot be used over the phone.

Property Tax- Any delinquent property taxes must be paid in order to transfer

For examples of completed paperwork, please click here.

Title Fee $9.00
Registration Fee $8.00
Additional fee for expired registrations Contact county clerk’s office for details
Lien Filing Fee (if applicable) $22.00 or $24.00 if 10 days late
Usage Tax Fee 6% of sale price, NADA or 50% Floor-Some Exemptions


For additional types of transfers please go to the Title Transfer Section