Kentucky Title Paperwork Examples

Kentucky has many applications and affidavits that can be difficult to complete. The following are common transactions that require certain forms. Please click on the transaction for the example of the Kentucky paperwork. Other paperwork may be necessary so please view the information listed for your transaction using the Motor Vehicles Tab above.

  1. Kentucky Title Transfer (Title issued before February 2000)
  2. Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title/Registration (required for titles issued before February 2000)
  3. Kentucky Title Transfer (Title issued after February 2000)
  4. Vehicle Purchased New or Used from Out of State
  5. Update Title (use with large titles issued after February 2000)
  6. Update Title (use with Title issued before February 2000)
  7. Duplicate Title
  8. Boat Title Transfer Example (8.5" X 11")

**Boat Title Transfers with 7" X 8" title will be added soon.