Speed Title

Speed Title

Speed titles are available for certain title transactions. Speed titles are available for Title Only Transfers or transfers where the individual is keeping the vehicle registered. Speed titles will print after 48 hours and can be mailed to the owner or picked up in Frankfort. Customers will inform their county clerk’s office of mail-out or pickup preference at the time of the title transaction. Customer picking the title up will pick the title up at the ONE-STOP SHOP located at the Transportation Cabinet Office Building at 200 Mero Street in Frankfort. The titles will be available for pickup after 10:00 a.m. three business days after the original title transaction. Customers need to call (502)564-2737 and verify their title is available for pickup before going to Frankfort.


Customers picking up the title must bring the following documents:

  • Registration receipt or Photo I.D.
  • If someone other than owner picks up the title, a registration receipt or letter from the owner authorizing said person to pick up title is required.


Speed Titles cannot be processed for the following transactions:

  • Corrected or Update Titles
  • Duplicate Titles
  • Boat Titles
  • Creditor in Possession
  • Towing & Storage
  • Affidavit of Ownership or Bill of Sale
  • Corrections
  • Out-of-Country
  • Court Orders (Court Orders that concern Estate Administration or Dispensation are eligible for speed titles)
  • Applications involving first-time Kentucky Assigned Vehicle Identification Number
  • Salvage title for Junked or Unrebuildable
  • Assembled Vehicles
  • ATV’s
  • Custom Built Motorcycles


NOTE-If a loan was needed for the purchase of the vehicle and a lien must be filed, a speed title cannot be processed. All liens must be given 30 days for filing before a title can be printed.


Speed Title (registered) Fee: $33.00
Speed Title-Title Only Fee: $25.00