Sheriff Inspection

All out-of-state motorized vehicles must have a sheriff’s inspection. The vehicle can be brought to the county clerk’s office for the inspection. If the individual does not want to bring the vehicle to the county clerk’s office, the Sheriff’s Department is able to come to the vehicle’s location by appointment. All vehicles must be roadworthy before a sheriff’s inspection can be completed. Sheriff’s inspection section is on theApplication for Kentucky Certificate/Registration (TC96-182). (The Sheriff will not do the inspection until the Application for Kentucky Certificate/Registration (TC96-182) is signed and notarized). Please see the county clerk’s office before having the sheriff’s inspection to verify that you have all the needed paperwork for the inspection. All further questions regarding the details of the sheriff’s inspection can be answered by contacting the sheriff’s department or the county clerk’s office in the county in which you reside.


The following vehicles are excluded from the requirement of inspection by a certified local sheriff inspector prior to titling in this state:

  • New motor vehicles that were sold by a Kentucky dealer
  • Motor vehicles owned by servicemen or servicewomen who are residents of Kentucky but stationed outside of Kentucky may be inspected by the post provost or similar officer of the post. The post provost or similar officer shall submit an affidavit stating the name of the owner, the identification or serial number, the make, body style, current license or title number, if any, and state in which currently registered or titled.
  • Motor vehicles purchased in another state by persons who are residents of Kentucky but are temporarily residing out-of-state for at least thirty days but no longer than nine months, may after the purchase of the vehicle be inspected by the state police, a local law enforcement agency, or the vehicle inspection program of another state. If an inspector in another state inspects the vehicle, the inspector must complete an affidavit stating the name of the owner, the vehicle identification number, the vehicle make and body style, the current state of registration, if any, and the current vehicle license or title number, if any. An affidavit for these requirements is the Out-of-State Inspection Form # TC96-229E.
  • Motor Vehicles no longer located in Kentucky but which require inspection in order to issue a corrected Kentucky title due to error in vehicle identification number may be inspected by an inspector authorized to inspect vehicle identification numbers by the laws of the state or foreign country where application for a new title has been submitted.