Motor Vehicle Laws

Lemon Law


The Lemon Law Bill was passed in Kentucky to protect consumers who buy or lease NEW motor vehicles that do not conform to applicable warranties, and hold the manufacturers accountable for certain nonconformities. The law also limits the number of attempts and amount of times that a manufacturer or its agents shall have to cure such nonconformities and will require the manufacturer or its agents to expedite any refunds or replace the vehicle with an acceptable replacement to the aggrieved consumer when the manufacturer or its agents fail to cure any nonconformity within the specified limits.


Personal Trailer Non-Registered Law


Residents who own non-commercial trailers are not required to license the trailer so long as the following is met:

  • Privately Owned and Operated Trailes used for the transportation of: Boats, Luggage, Personal Effects, Farm products/supplies/equipment, All-Terrain Vehicles (KRS 189.010(24)), Wildlife (KRS 150.010(41)) that owner/operatore or trailer obtained while hunting or Firearms or other supplies used in conjunction with hunting wildlife shall be exempt from the registration provisions or KRS 186.650 and KRS 186.700.


Note: This does not exempt KY Trailers from license requirements when operating within the borders of other states. States that require trailers to be licensed may enforce that law on KY Residents.



Historic Licensed Vehicle Vintage Plate Display


Any motor vehicle that meets the age requirements of a "historic vehicle" as defined by KRS 186.043(2) and is registered as such in accordance with KRS 186.050 may display an authentic Kentucky license plate, 25 years or older, or a reproduction of such a plate, if the current motor vehicle plate and the registration receipt are kept in the vehicle at all times. (KRS 186.0435)