Meet Your Clerk, Mr. Kevin Mooney

Always working hard in rain, shine or snow to make sure customers can get into the clerk's office.

I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to be your County Clerk. I took office January 1, 2007. It has been a learning adventure with everyday providing new lessons, and opportunities to help my customers, the citizens of Bullitt County.

Since becoming Bullitt County Clerk I have been selected to serve the Kentucky County Clerks Association on the Election Committee. It has given me the opportunity to learn from other county clerks throughout the state about election issues and procedures. By listening to their experiences I have been able to better prepare for my election responsibilities.

My deputies and I have participated in several software projects related to the motor vehicle department. The Kentucky Automated Vehicle Information System – KAVIS, mapping team for the vehicle registration module, KAVIS is the software that will replace AVIS, our current vehicle registration software package. The Title Application Program – TAP, was a multi-county project that created a new Windows based interface for deputy clerks to use to title vehicles. The Uninsured Vehicles program – UV, is still in the BETA testing phase. Anderson County and Bullitt County were originally the only two counties participating. Ballard and Christian County are now also participating. Following the BETA testing phase the UV program will roll-out statewide to all 120 counties.

Before becoming the Bullitt County Clerk, my wife and I lived in Denver, Colorado for three and a half years. We returned to purchase Hardy and Mooney Auto Supply in Shepherdsville, from my dad and his partner. Later I changed the name to Mooney’s Auto Supply. I also began to sell NAPA brand parts. I owned it for over 15 years, learning many lessons about how to serve people and manage a business. It prepared me for coming to the clerk’s office. I sold my business in May, 2007 to allow myself the time to run the clerk’s office as I had run the NAPA store.

My parents are Joe Mooney and the late Nina Mooney. I grew up in Shepherdsville and graduated from Bullitt Central High School in 1981. I attended the University of Louisville, graduating in 1986 with a Bachelor in Business Administration. While attending the University of Louisville I worked in the clerk’s office for three years under Nina Mooney, my mother.

I married Melissa LaClair on July 28, 1989. We have two daughters, Hannah and Lilly.