Get Another Title

Duplicate Title


If you have lost your original title, you must apply for a duplicate title before any change of ownership, corrections/updates or lien recordings may be done. Application is made at your local county clerk’s office.


The following documents and information are required: (All forms highlighted in blue are downloadable simply by clicking on them and other highlighted words will direct you to that specified section.)

  • Application for Kentucky Certificate/Registration (TC96-182) must be completed, signed by all registered owners and notarized. Power of Attorney document required when POA signs. Note-Titles that contain AND or do not have a designation between names of owners require both signatures of those listed. OR or AND/OR only require the signature of one.
  • If the application is for the purpose of applying for a loan, the owner needs to indicate this on the application. A pending lien will be noted and the owner will be given a goldenrod copy of the registration to present to the lending institution. If the lending institution is located in another state the county clerk’s office will record the lien. Otherwise, the lending institution will use the goldenrod copy and a Title Lien Statement to record the lien.
  • Bullitt County Clerk’s Office accepts Cash, Personal Check, Money Order or Certified Check. The office does accept Visa, MasterCard and Debit. However, to process using a Credit/Debit Card, an additional processing fee is charged. Contact county clerk’s office for details. Credit/Debit Cards cannot be used over the phone.


Title Fee: $6.00

ATV Fee: $10.00
Lien Filing Fee (if applicable): $22.00 or $24.00


NOTE-To file a lien the amount is $22.00, however, if the debtor does not file the lien within 20 days of its application, a penalty of $2.00 is assessed by the County Clerk. All liens not filed within 20 days will be $24.00.

Note-The Title Branch at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will print the duplicate title the next business day and mail it to the owner. Duplicate titles cannot be picked up on a walk-thru basis. (If a pending lien is filed, printing of the title is held for 30 days.) Duplicate titles cannot be processed as a Speed Title.