Change My Name

Update Title

Any Kentucky titled motor vehicles that require an alteration to the information printed on the title (except for address) would require an updated title to be processed.

Examples of an Update Title are due to marriage, divorce, or court order.

The following documents and information are required: (All forms highlighted in blue are downloadable simply by clicking on them and other highlighted words will direct you to that specified section.)

  • Current Kentucky Title
  • If the title is the smaller version 7"X8", the Application for Kentucky Certificate/Registration (TC96-182) must be completed
  • If changing the name on the title due to marriage, divorce or court order, the owner needs documentation authorizing the name change (marriage license for marriage, divorce papers, updated driver's license with Multi Use Affidavit, or documents signed by the court to legally change a name).
  • Bullitt County Clerk’s Office accepts Cash, Personal Check, Money Order or Certified Check. The office does accept Visa, MasterCard and Debit. However, to process using a Credit/Debit Card, an additional processing fee is charged. Contact county clerk’s office for details. Credit/Debit Cards cannot be used over the phone.

For examples of completed paperwork please click here.

Title Fee$6.00
ATV Fee$10.00

Any owner who changes their name for any reason shall notify the clerk in person of the name change within fifteen days. The owner will present the appropriate legal paperwork for the name change and process an updated title.