Change of Address

When any owner moves from the address named on their registration, that owner shall within fifteen days notify the county clerk in person of their new address.

Sold home in Bullitt County Kentucy. Welcome mat Family moving into their new home in Bullitt County Kentucy.

NOTE: Changing the address on a driver’s license does not change the address on the registration.

The following documents are required:

  • Current certificate of registration for all vehicles
  • Proof of Insurance for all vehicles- owner must have Commonwealth of Kentucky proof of insurance in their name. The name on the insurance card has to match the name of the owner on the registration. If the name on the registration is a business, the insurance card must be in the name of the business. All insurance cards must have the insurance company’s five-digit NAIC number listed on the card, unless the insurance card is a commercial insurance card.
Vehicle/Boat/Trailer Information
Address Currently on File
New Address
Additional (Mailing address if different)