Boat Registration

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Site

Boat Registrations Renew Every April.

Boat registrations run annually from April 1 to April 30 of every year. Customers may renew as early as March as long as the property taxes are in the computer system. Please contact our office if wanting to renew early to verify they system is up to date.

The following documents are required when renewing your boat registration:

  • Previous year's Certificate of Registration ($3.00 fee imposed if registration not presented to clerk)
  • Payment-Bullitt County Clerk’s Office accepts Cash, Personal Check, Money Order or Certified Check. The office does accept Visa, MasterCard and Debit. However, to process using a Credit/Debit Card, an additional processing fee is charged. Contact county clerk’s office for details. Credit/Debit Cards cannot be used over the phone.

Currently Boat Registrations can only be renewed by mail or in person. The online renewal system provided by the Transportation Cabinet cannot renew boats at this time.