Online Record Search

Our office has worked towards digitizing our Land Records Department over the past four years so customers can view records from the comforts of their home or office. You are now able to view Deeds and Deed related documents such as Mortgages, Releases, Power of Attorney documents and Wills. We also have Delinquent Tax Bills online. Encumbrances and Marriage Licenses are available for search and the indexing is online, but the images are not. Private and personal data is listed on those documents, and we are researching the cost and effectiveness of redacting these documents in order to make them available to the public in the future.  We have two types of search options. Please see below for your specific needs and choose the option best suited.

Commercial User Records Search: This site was developed for businesses and individuals that are in the business of researching documents. There is a subscription fee and you will also have the option to add other counties within your searchable area.

Private Citizen Records Search: This site is for the Bullitt County residents wanting to search for personal reasons with zero commercial gain. You may only search Bullitt County records and are limited to five searches per day. No charge for this service.