Summer Updates!

by bcco May 16, 2017
14:43 PM

Updates for the Summer are here! We have new plates, new laws, information about Delinquent Tax Bills and more. 

The new license plates available in our office are Crusade for Children, Cure Childhood Cancer and KEEP (KY Equine Education Program). You can view the plates at, which will also list the fees. If you decide to purchase a specialty plate please contact our office for additional information prior to coming in. 

There are quite a few new laws this year affecting motor vehicle licensing/titling. For frequent sellers, the speed titles have undergone a change and no longer print in 24 hours. Speed titles will now print after 48 hours. This allows the Transportation Cabinet to verify the title paperwork prior to the title printing. 

A new change to the law for Veterans and National Guard members, allowing members who have retired or completed a minimum of 20 years of service to qualify for the license plate and changing the active duty service requirement from 24 months to 180 days for those eligible to obtain a Veterans License Plate. 

A new law will go into affect in October for commercial parcel delivery, allowing personnel to use golf carts, low-speed vehicles and utility vehicles for delivery of express mail and packages in residential areas. We will keep you up to date as the Transportation Cabinet provides administrative regulations on this new law. 

Autocycles are now specified in Kentucky Laws, declaring it a type of motorcycle. 

Two new plates coming in January 2018 are the Gold Star Sons and Gold Star Daughters. We currently have Gold Star Spouse, Gold Star Mothers and Fathers and Gold Star Sibling. These plates are for family members of service members who lost their lives while serving in the military. Eligibility is determined by the Department of Veterans' Affairs. 

Military Surplus Vehicles will now be eligible for titling in Kentucky. A specific inspection must be performed by the Sheriff's Department. The Transportation Cabinet is still working on the programming for this new law. We will you keep you updated on this process.

The last law involves a notation to be made on Vehicle Registrations to indicate if an individual is Hearing Impaired. This will allow Law Enforcement to access this information providing valuable information to the officers. 

The Delinquent Tax Bill Sale will be held on August 24, 2017. For those purchasing at the sale please visit all of the information under the Delinquent Tax Tab of our homepage. 

As we end our updates of the Summer, we want to send out a reminder that registrations (not expired) can be renewed online at Or you can hit the RENEW button at the bottom of our homepage to take you directly to the site. So avoid those long lines in our office and renew your registration from work or home!

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